About Shahrzad

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Shahrzad was born and grew up in the Middle East.

Shahrzad has traveled and lived in several Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia for four years. During this time she visited and studied different middle eastern cultures extensively. 


She finished her High School while living in England and went to university in USA this is where she earned her Engineering Degree. 


Shahrzad has a passion for art of designing dance and stage costumes including Ballroom, Salsa and Belly Dance. She has worked with some of the greatest costume designers in the world.
Shahrzad\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s designs has appeared in several publications, magazines and TV shows. She has also appeared on QVC the shopping channel presenting some of her new inventions.
With her understanding of the Middle Eastern and Western cultures, Shahrzad is trying to use dance as a bridge to bring east and west together and peace to the world.

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